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Can art galleries attract a new generation of digitally-savvy collectors?

Commenting on the recently announced Pace and Art Blocks partnership, Marc Glimcher, President, and CEO of Pace told ARTnews that his priority was to connect his artists to new collecting communities.

While the partnership shows confidence in the long-term prospects for digital art, it underlines a bigger challenge for art galleries: How to reach out to new types of collectors?

We took the opportunity of our presence in Basel to conduct a short, preliminary review of the social media presence of a sample of 18 galleries participating in Art Basel 2022.

Our objective was to assess how solid their social media foundation was, as a springboard for investment into new digital offerings and initiatives that could appeal to new audiences, with a focus on Asia and digitally-savvy collectors.

View our white paper here: WhitePaper.pdf

These are our preliminary findings. Our ambition is to trigger conversations and open new possibilities for art galleries that are keen to grow beyond their comfort zone. We will be working on delivering a more statistically robust and extensive study soon.

Should you happen to be in Basel this week, we’d love to discuss whether these preliminary findings match your experience. Do not hesitate to reach out.


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