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Révélation 1
The Lioness

Block Meister Exclusive

Revelation Series I The Lioness B.png

The Artwork

The Lioness comes in 3 dimensions, spiritual, artistic and quantic.

  • Spiritual


Inspired by the lioness of God: The Lioness is the symbol of the first tribe of the 12 tribes, the first revelation of those who start to believe in him, and follow him.


  • Artistic

It is the first from 12 artworks series of revelations. The Lioness is inspired and combined with overlapping large brush strokes, hand written calligraphy and original pencil drawings of the Lioness.


The hand-written paragraph are extracted from letters received from my spiritual connection to my late grandmother Marguerite, and my memories of her as a woman of strong faith.

  • Quantic

A quantic journey of a powerful lioness who wants nothing but a daily close walk with God. Although she has never seen him before, she is seeking for him across time and multiple spaces and lighting. The NFT variation will introduce the mystery of those revelations over time, its spiritual dimension expressed with different backgrounds.

For this exclusive NFT collection, Olivier has created TBC

The first of the series: TBC 12 uniquely minted digital iteration, registered in the Polygon blockchain. 

  • Format: Mpeg-4

  • Dimensions: 2560 x 1440

  • Duration: 00:26 secs - Looped

  • File Size: 94.3Mb

  • Every artwork in the series comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Curatorial Notes

Madeleine Pierpont Portrait _edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Madeleine Pierpont

Madeleine is Head of Global Partnerships and Business Development for The Lumen Prize and a member of The Whitney Museum of American Art's Digital Acquisition Committee.

​Borowik’s Pattern 8 is a mesmerizing meditation on the concept of plenitude. 


Generated using numbers from the fibonacci sequence and guided by golden ratio principles, the work captivates in its balance between chaos and control, part and whole. 


Mathematical and algorithmic in his approach, the artist generates each Pattern 8 iteration with a differing set of parameters that determine shape, color and movement. While the eye is immediately drawn to the intricate geometry of each resulting composition, one is ultimately left gazing into the overall tapestry: a gently shifting and vivid kaleidoscope of color. 


The exclusive NFT drop of 50 Pattern 8 editions is made even more exciting by its evolving states. Pattern 8’s visual articulation first took form as fabric print. It is fitting that Pattern 8 should once again be represented in a new medium in this NFT collection.

The Artist

Olivier Mermet Portrait.jpg

After attending the National Art School Duperré in Paris at age 15, Olivier Mermet exhibited his first oil paintings and sculptures series at 17 years old. Following a successful career as an international Art Director Olivier has continuously produced Artworks, Paintings and Sculptures. Over the last decades, he has published and exhibited his artworks in Japan and Singapore And then started to explored new creative media with digital art and 3D sculptures.

During his student’s life at the Art Center of Design, Olivier met Keith Haring, who was painting his artwork one one of the school’s wall, for a few weeks.

Olivier was then hired for an Internship as Art Director “Dream Designer “with Nike and was involved in the new Air Jordan packaging & branding for the new shoe collection signed by Michael Jordan.

It is only recently that Olivier and his family discovered his direct artistic family roots with Jean Alexandre Gaumel, his Great Grand-Father’s, a painter and master of the 19th Century, who exhibited with Claude Monet and other impressionist artists in May 1880, at the  “Salon des Artistes Independants”, Palais des Champs Elysees in Paris. Both Claude Monet & JA Gaumel lived in Vetheuil at this period of time. 

Exhibitions & Representations

  • Jan 2022 - Represented by

  • April 2022 - Represented by Block Meister

  • Jan 2016 – Singapore Contemporary Art Show

  • Dec 2016 - Represented by Visionnairs Gallery

  • April 2010 - The Arts House, Old Parliament Lane – 

  • Jan 1995 - Represented by the Heartland Gallery –Tokyo, Japan

  • Dec 1989 - Art Center Gallery – Pasadena, CA, USA

  • 1987 - Salon Culturel – Le Peck, France

  • 1985 - Médiathèque Georges Perec - Gagny, France

Would you like to own it?

Artwork insitu the lioness.jpg

For a limited time, collectors will receive:

  • The digital file ready for download with its corresponding NFT

  • A certificate of authenticity signed by the artists as a PDF

  • Automatic enrolment into the Block Meister Exclusive club entitling you to 15% discount on future Block Meister Exclusive purchases, access to talks with artists, exclusive content, previews, events and preferential rates on our upcoming DAO.

Register your interest

The first series TBC contains only TBC exclusive NFTs. We will notify you when the collection is available for purchase.

Thank you. We have received your request.

About Block Meister Exclusive

While we are putting the final touches to our platform, we will be offering a number of exclusive collections for sale. Collectors will enjoy a number of privileges that will carry throughout as we launch and grow. 


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The Team

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