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Block Meister is an intelligent art platform that helps collectors discover, appreciate and buy curated digital art registered on the blockchain.

We are scheduled for a launch in Q3 2022.

Block Meister Exclusive
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For a limited time, we will be introducing exclusive artwork collections available for purchase to our collectors community. Artwork collectors will qualify for enrolment into a Block Meister Exclusive club, offering previews, access to artists, features, events and preferential rates on new projects. 


 As these will be limited editions, do register to be notified of incoming collection launches. 

Our first exclusive collection is Particles Pattern 8 from Damien Borowik, a French artist based in London, UK. Borowik’s Pattern 8 is a mesmerising meditation on the concept of plenitude, generated using numbers from the fibonacci sequence and guided by golden ratio principles, 

This is a first series of 12 individual artwork registered on the blockchain on the concept of Summer. 


Damien's recent exhibitions include Chance and Control at the Victoria & Albert museum, Event Two of CAS50 at the Royal College of Art, the Lumen Matrix International Digital Art exhibition and the Today Art Museum in Beijing. 

Art, Digital and NFTs. Curated yet unscripted.

What if we could take you on
a personal, artistic journey?

Artistic Intelligence

With the help of a little Artificial Intelligence and a dynamic profiling engine we can help you find renowned artists whose work you will appreciate, and that you would want to collect for the long-term.


Art First

Blockchain, Metamask, Ethereum… it can be a steep learning curve. We aim to make it as simple as possible to focus on what you really want to do: collecting great artwork.


Curatorial Guidance

Our experienced team of professional curators focuses primarily on mid-career artists keen to push boundaries, while helping promote emerging talents. We aim to showcase a variety of styles, movements and artwork with genuine significance.


Digital Art Custody

All artwork is original, certified by the artist and registered in the blockchain as a NFT. Collectors have the option to secure the original file in a military grade, hack-proof facility to ensure it will not be tampered with.


Digital Art Lovers

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Etienne 2.png
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Joël Céré


Innovation, communication and creative crowdsourcing expert. Advisor to F500/FTSE100 companies. Ex Grey, Hill & Knowlton, Aegis and eYeka. Entrepreneur, writer and speaker on the topics of creativity and innovation.

Etienne Verbist


From lawyer and economist to professional disruptor and private eclectic collector. Partnering with experts and connoisseurs in appraisals and certifying for private collectors, museums and insurance companies. Contributor to several art publications and avant-guarde forums, with a keen interest in technology disruption in art.

Andrei Roudenko


Ex Morgan Stanley banker turned FinTech VC, MarTech Founder, advisor to corporates, family offices.  Award-winning product launches for startups, enterprise customers.

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Samuel 2.png
Madeleine Pierpont Portrait _edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Tom Wills


Fintech, compliance and cyber-security expert for Visa, Intuit, Richemont, Wells Fargo Bank. Board advisor with several successful exits.

Samuel Leong


Ex-The Orchard (Sony Music) Asia Pacific lead executive turned investor and PE consultant.  Business developer and advisor to investment firms and several start-ups in blockchain (digital assets, music/media, exchange, fintech), IT and design sectors.

Madeleine Pierpont


Creative Innovator at the intersection of art and technology. Head of Global Partnerships and Business Development for The Lumen Prize. Digital Acquisition Committee, The Whitney Museum of American Art. 


Art Collector?

We are developing Block Meister to help you find blue-chip artists and emerging talents who will open new digital perspectives for your art collection.


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